Second Italian Meeting on Probability and Mathematical Statistics

June 17th - 20th, 2019, Vietri sul Mare (SA), Italy

Salerno2019 Invited Speakers


Giovanni Peccati
Luxembourg University

Monday, June 17. Talk: Intrinsic volumes of convex bodies and cones: concentration, limit theorems and sparse recovery

Giovanni Peccati is Full Professor in Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance at Luxembourg University. Main research interests cover the fields of Malliavin calculus, stochastic geometry, random fields, Stein's method, free probability, harmonic analysis on groups & homogeneous spaces.


Fabio Martinelli
University of Roma Tre

Tuesday, June 18. Talk: Bootstrap percolation and kinetically constrained particle systems: critical time scales

Fabio Martinelli is Full professor in Mathematics at the University of Roma Tre. His research interests are at the interface between probability theory and mathematical statistical mechanics. He is mainly interested in interacting particle systems, mixing times, Glauber dynamics, and randomized algorithms.


Lorenzo Zambotti
Sorbonne Université

Wednesday, June 19. Talk: A brief personal history of stochastic partial differential equations

Lorenzo Zambotti is Professeur at Sorbonne Université. His research focuses on stochastic (partial) differential equations, regularity structures, rough paths and infinite-dimensional integration by parts formulae.


Stefano Maria Iacus
University of Milano

Thursday, June 20. Talk: On regularized estimation for stochastic differential equations

Stefano Maria Iacus is Full professor in Statistics at the University of Milano. His research interests are in the areas of computational statistics, matching methods for causal inference, inference for stochastic processes, diffusion processes, processes driven by hyperbolic equations, iterated functions systems, mathematical finance.